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Honorary Princesses of the


The history of the IAST honoring “fair daughters of Erin” goes back to the 1980s.  A one-time-only Maid of Erin pageant was held in 1982 at the Norfolk Botanical Gardens. Special guest was Aidan Kirwan, Vice Consul, Republic of Ireland, who crowned the winner.  Entrants were judged on poise, personality, and appearance. The Maid of Erin and her court were to represent the IAST and the local Ancient Order of Hibernians at Harborfest, Heritage Day, and the St. Patrick’s Day parade.  Melissa Rice was selected as the Maid of Erin by the judges, but first runner up Laura Wolf ended up fulfilling the duties and title of the Maid of Erin.

In 1997, President Tom Porter initiated the selection of IAST Adult, Teen, and Junior Princesses to represent us in the annual Paddy Day Parade as well as subsequent events during their year-long reign.  Our Princesses have always been required to be IAST members or close relatives of members.  The princess selection process has evolved over the years, but the current IAST President still makes all final decisions.  In the event that the IAST President deems there are no suitable nominees for a princess position in a certain year, then the position will go empty that year.  Our Honorary Princesses are announced each March, normally at Finnegan’s Wake, and given honorary sashes to wear as they represent us in the Ocean View St. Patrick’s Day Parade and other events during their official 12-month “reign” and after.

In 2021, President Tracy Fearon created a Princess Committee, led by Chair Lynnette Fitch and Vice Chair Katie McCrory.  Lynnette and Katie are in the unique position of being the only IAST Princesses thus far who have also served as IAST Presidents.  Tracy also made the informal tradition of our Princesses doing community service a formal requirement; Princesses now have a contract and must commit to a service cause or project they will report periodically to the IAST on.  The Princess Committee is tasked with recruiting and nominating prospective IAST Princesses for IAST Presidential approval, and then publicizing and mentoring IAST Princesses after Presidential approval.  Any IAST member can recommend possible IAST Princesses to the Committee for consideration.  The Committee considers all princess candidates on criteria such as suitability (in appearance, personality, conduct, and character) to represent the IAST, involvement in the Irish community, support of Irish culture, interest in her Irish heritage, association with the IAST, etc.

onHonoOccasionally, extra princesses are chosen, such as the MAVA Princess in 2000, who represented Ireland in the Multicultural Alliance of Virginia “Queen of the World Bazaar” pageant.  In honor of our 25th anniversary, the IAST President decided to select a special Rose of Tralee Princess to represent us in the Washington DC Irish Centre’s Rose of Tralee Contest that June.  The winner of the DC Rose of Tralee Contest each year goes on to compete in the International Rose of Tralee Competition in Tralee, Ireland in August.  Another special decision was to have Tom Porter’s twin granddaughters serve a 2nd year as junior princesses in our 25th Anniversary year in honor of Tom and his support of the IAST Princesses.  Since then, we have had two IAST Princesses chosen In Memorium due to horrific circumstances, one after she was killed by a drunk driver, the other a school massacre fatality.  On a happier note, we also have had a few Little Miss Princesses recognized alongside their mothers since our 25th.




Announced Annually at Finnegan’s Wake

Year XXV – 2021

Adult Princesses § Miss “Patti” Patricia Anne Opera &

§ Miss Jennifer Ann O’Connell (In Memoriam)

July 21, 1966 – July 15, 2021

Jennifer and her beloved, David Lee Jones, were abruptly taken from us,

victims of a horrible car accident they did not cause.  We do and will always miss them terribly;

they were our friends and active, helpful, and wonderful members of the IAS.

Buailfimid le chéile arís sa mhóinéar, agus beidh sé mar mura bhfuil am caite.

(We will meet again in the meadow, and it will be as if no time has passed.)

Teen Princesses § Miss Kira Cervi &

§ Miss Nadine Frohwitter

Junior Princesses § Miss Olivia Ware &

§ Miss Josephine Frohwitter


Year XXIV – 2020

Adult Princesses § Ms. Darcie Rae MacGregor-Schauf & § Mrs. Jamie Sue (MacGregor) Grover

Teen Princesses § Miss Cecilia Donovan-Dunn & § Miss Mathisen Wood

Junior Princess § Miss “Emmy” Emerald Schauf

This year’s princesses were “sashed” at our special Comóradh 40 EMERALD BALL

by the Ambassador to the United States, His Excellency Mr. Daniel Mulhall of Ireland


Year XXIII – 2019

Adult Princess § Dr. “Cat” Catriona (Roy) Dunphy

Teen Princess § Miss Kelly Fearon Gould

Junior Princess § Miss Eilidh Crouch

Little Miss Princess § Miss Juliette Dunphy


Year XXII – 2018

Adult Princess § Miss Caroline Elizabeth Morse

Teen Princess § Miss Cara Marie Loughran (In Memorium)

February 21, 2003 – February 14, 2018

Student at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School (Parkland, Florida)

& The Drake School of Irish Dance

Rest in peace, anam cara séimh.

Junior Princess § Miss Eadlyn Crouch


Year XXI – 2017

Adult Princess § Ms. Sandy Michelle Schlatman Hafner Archer

Teen Princess § Miss Samantha Libasci

Junior Princess § Miss Alyssa Libasci


Year XX – 2016

Adult Princess § Miss Laura Payne

Junior Princess § Miss Gabrielle Brown


Year XIX – 2015

Adult Princess § Miss Anne-Bernadette Dail

Teen Princesses § Miss Iris Dotson & § Miss Caitlin Hagerty

Junior Princess § Miss Olivia Sandoval


Year XVIII – 2014

Adult Princess § Ms. Heather Anne Walker Warren

Teen Princess § Miss Jyllian Barry

Junior Princesses § Miss Jessica Boyd & § Miss Jordan Boyd

Little Miss Princess § Miss Caelin Warren


Year XVII – 2013

Adult Princess § Mrs. Rebecca Sue (Allison) Norman

Teen Princess § Miss Ellen (Koushel) Tapp

Junior Princess § Miss Frances Felix

Little Miss Princess § Miss “Ellie” Eleanor Norman


Year XVI – 2012

Adult Princess § Ms. Karen Mary Twomey

Teen Princess § Miss Elizabeth Watson

Junior Princess § Miss Aubree Musicant


Year XV – 2011

Adult Princess § Mrs. Bridgett Renee (Cherry) Sakach

Teen Princess § Miss Caitlyn Taylor


Year XIV – 2010

Adult Princess § Mrs. “Kate” Kathryn Marie (Collins) O’Neill

Teen Princesses § Miss Sarah Noble Brash & § Miss Olivia Noble Brash

Junior Princess § Miss Jaqueline Duvall

Little Miss Princess § Miss Moira O’Neill


Year XIII – 2009

Adult Princess § Dr. Maureen Anne Tobin Cahill

Teen Princess § Mrs. Nina Leigh (Coletti) Galvez


Year XII – 2008

Adult Princess § Mrs. “Katie” Katherine Meghan (Morse) McCrory

Teen Princesses § Mrs. Meagan (Oglethorpe) Garibay & § Miss Maggie Wilcox


Year XI – 2007

Adult Princess § Miss Erin Fay Morrissey

Rose of Tralee Pageant Princess § Mrs. “Katie” Katherine Meghan (Morse) McCrory

Teen Princess § Miss Tessa Cristina Tranchant (In Memorium)

December 1990 – March 2007

Student at An Cor Rud (The Reel Thing) School of Irish Dance

A beautiful Irish colleen taken too soon – Rest in peace, cailin dubh.


Year X – 2006
Adult Princesses § Mrs. Colleen (Conklin) Gray & § Mrs. Kelly (Conklin) Lair

Rose of Tralee Pageant Princess § Mrs. “Katie” Katherine Meghan (Morse) McCrory

Teen Princess § Mrs. Lauren (Chaplin) Carozzoni

Junior Princesses § Miss Mary Mooney & § Miss Julia Mooney


Year IX – 2005
Adult Princess § Mrs. Carrie Ann (McCabe) Gordon

Rose of Tralee Pageant Princess § Mrs. “Katie” Katherine Meghan (Morse) McCrory

Teen Princess § Mrs. Sara Rhodes-Zimmerman, TCRG

Junior Princesses § Miss Kala Bishop & § Miss Monica Bishop


Year VIII – 2004

Adult Princess § Mrs. Lynette Marie (Gilmour) Crouch

Teen Princess § Miss Maura Ann Flatley

Junior Princesses § Miss Kala Bishop & § Miss Monica Bishop


Year VII – 2003

Adult Princess § Mrs. Tamara Lynn (Cervi) Williams

Teen Princess § Mrs. Kiera (DeNoble) ?

Junior Princess § Miss Raeven Pietzsch


Year VI – 2002

Adult Princess § Mrs. Lisa Victoria (Hunt) Burgess, TMRF

Junior Princess § Mrs. Emily (Ahern) Wareing


Year V – 2001

Adult Princess § Ms. Danielle Rose Donovan-Dunn

Teen Princess § Mrs. Ashley (Fordice) Valdez


Year IV – 2000

Adult Princess § Ms. Lynnette Elizabeth Fitch-Brash

MAVA Pageant Princess § Mrs. Amanda (Aasheim) Knapp

Teen Princess § Ms. Carlyn Aasheim

Junior Princess § Miss Michelle O’Brien


Year III – 1999

Adult Princess § Mrs. Nancy (Hartin) Reynolds

Teen Princess § Ms. Tara Heichel


Year II – 1998

Adult Princesses § Ms. Mary Frances Paris Fien & § Mrs. Kathleen (Zygmunt) Urbanic


Year I – 1997

Adult Princesses § Ms. Ursula Evelyn Jordan & § Mrs. Heather (Anderson) Rhodes

Teen Princess § Miss Tara Nemeth

§ Fair daughters of Erin all §