Celtic Throne: Celebrating the Mysterious Origins of Irish Dance

Created by Herbert W. Armstrong College and Armstrong Dance, Celtic Throne celebrates the mysterious origins of Irish dance. Celtic Throne follows the millennia-long journey of a music-and-dance-loving people as they migrate from the ancient Near East to Ireland, Scotland, England and the United States. https://celticthrone.com

The IAST has secured a group of seats at a greatly discounted rate for this amazing show! Join friends from the IAST for a night of innovative choreography, dazzling costumes, and spectacular lighting and projection. The Sandler Center is centrally located in Town Center, Virginia Beach. There is plenty of adjacent FREE parking, as well as restaurants for pre- or post-show nosh and libations.

Our reserved balcony seats are only $26.00, inclusive of all fees. This is a savings of over $12.00!! MONEY NEEDS TO BE RECEIVED BY THE IAS NO LATER THAN MAY 24TH!! This is a firm date, so don’t delay. Send payment via PayPal to @IrishAmericanSociety and make sure you include in the notes how many tickets! We have a limited number of tickets and THEY WILL GO FAST, so don’t delay! Again, all MONEY must be RECEIVED by the IAS no later than May 24th so we can pay the invoice and guarantee our tickets!