IAS 2022 election ballots

Ballots for the 2022 election were mailed on Friday, 20 May. Keep reading for important information that should answer most of your questions:

  • Ballots were mailed Friday. Please allow several business days for them to arrive.
  • Ballots were mailed to those who have paid their 2022 membership dues. If you don’t receive a ballot and believe you have paid your dues, please send an email to ias.tidewater@gmail.com so we can research and verify.
  • Envelopes contain: 1) bios of all the candidates, and 2) a ballot for each ADULT indicated on the membership form. Ballots have the name of the adult member on them. Please do not duplicate (copy) the ballots, as we are comparing our membership list with ballots received. If you believe you have received the incorrect number of ballots, please email ias.tidewater@gmail.com so we can research and verify.
  • Do not delay! For ballots to be counted they must be received by midnight on May 31st.
    *The due date on the ballot indicates May 30th. Since that is a holiday, I pushed the deadline to May 31st.*. Ballots received after the due date will not be counted.
  • Ballots can be returned in a number of ways. 1) mail them to our election chair Scott MacGregor.  2) take a picture or scan the ballot and email to mcgregr@exis.net; or 3) deliver to Scott personally.
    Ballots must be received by May 31st!
  • You can vote for the candidate on the slate, or you may write in a candidate. NO surprise write-ins! Do not write someone in unless they expressly agree to the nomination!
  • There were no nominations for Secretary. There will be a run-off of write-in candidates at the June IAS meeting.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email ias.tidewater@gmail.com. That is the best way to make sure your question is answered in a timely manner.

Elections are important and how you have a say in the operation and execution of the IAS for the next two years; don’t forget to vote in a timely manner!

Tracy Fearon President,
Irish American Society of Tidewater