AFTER PARTY for 2022 IAS Princess Sashing

The IAS 2022 Princesses will be sashed at a private gathering earlier in the evening, but EVERYONE is invited to Park Lane Tavern in Kempsville later that same night to see the new 2022 Princesses (and all previous years who attend)..

Park Lane Tavern – VB Kempsville
1250 Fordham Dr.
VA Beach, VA 23464

Piped in by the SIREN CITY PIPE BAND for the new IAS Princesses’ first public appearance!!!

Who will they be???!!! Show up at Park Lane to be among the first to find out and congratulate them! Don’t miss the fun! This is our OFFICIAL kick off of the annual IRISH SEASON!
All are welcome to attend this IAS social, and that includes the friends, families, and supporters of Siren City! Park Lane has Guinness and many other excellent beers & hard ciders on tap.
The princesses plan to arrive shortly after 8 pm, but if others can get there earlier to “get dibs” on the seating around the bar area for our group, that would be AWESOME and very helpful!!! 🙂 Families with underage kids should call and make reservations in the dining area. The food is great, and the desserts are AMAZING!!!