Conqueror Virtual Challenge – THE LENGTH OF THE UK

Hello everyone.. it’s time for our next Conqueror Virtual Challenge: THE LENGTH OF THE UK (LANDS END TO JOHN O’GROATS)!!! We’ll be traveling through some of the UK’s most iconic Celtic areas, from Cornwall in the southwest to Stonehenge to Loch Ness to all the way up to the tippy top of Scotland in the northeast!
The route is 1083 miles long, and we are doing this challenge collaboratively as a TEAM!!!

Each person signs up individually and pays $40 and gets his/her own medal, but all of our mileage is added to the team total! So everyone is helping the team advance, no matter how much or how little time you have to exercise!
Our team name is TIDEWATER IRISH, and our team code is IAS.

Sign up here!!!

They have apps for both iOS and Android… and can syncing your activities from your favorite fitness tracker or smartwatch.
I used our green IAS jersey as our icon. So sign up when you get a chance, and LET’S DO THIS!!!!!!!!!! #BeachBodyBeltaine