IAS June Meeting w/ Irish History Program BRING PEOPLE!

We have a real treat for our June meeting — we have an IRISH HISTORY SCHOLAR coming down from RVA to present for us on the topic of FEMALE SPIES IN IRISH REVOLUTIONS!!! I am so excited about this! PLEASE show up and bring friends to this meeting — she’s coming all the way down here for free and bringing her husband and parents. We want to make sure she gets a warm Irish welcome with a large, appreciative audience!

I met Kate Murphy Schaefer at the IAS Fáilte Tent at the Richmond Games last October and asked her to come give a program for us. She has been fascinated with Irish history since childhood. Her BA is in history, and she has an MA in History with a Military History concentration. In addition, she has completed online coursework with Trinity College Dublin. Kate’s master’s thesis discussed the ways women both used and defied gender expectations to participate in the early 20th century Irish revolutions. Last August, History Today, a British history journal, published her article on female spies in the War of Irish Independence. Two of her articles on women’s contributions in WWII have been published in Historic UK History Magazine. It will be an honor to have this historian present her work for us!

Doors will open at 6:30pm for anyone who wants to help set up; the actual meeting will begin at 7:00 pm. We have some old and new business to discuss with the membership prior to the program. ALL ARE WELCOME – you don’t have to already be a member to attend!

If you want to bring a treat to share, please do! These refreshments will be available in the coffee area, and we will also be selling the beer and hard cider as a fundraiser. Bring cash — suggested donation is $3 for one beverage/$5 for two.