Samhain Costume Party & Silent Auction Fundraiser!

Don’t forget that our November 1st meeting is going to be both a SILENT AUCTION FUNDRAISER for the IAS and a COSTUME PARTY in honor of Samhain (pronounced sow-in). In the ancient Celtic calendar, Samhain was the New Year and seen as the time when the divide between our world and the supernatural “other world” was at its thinnest. Thus, both friendly ancestors and evil spirits might come to call on the night straddling the old and new years. Many of our modern Halloween customs go back to Celtic Samhain practices.

Don’t be a party pooper — start planning a costume for the SAMHAIN COSTUME PARTY! Bragging rights and small 1st place prizes will be given in the following 7 original costume categories:

 Best Couple/Duo Theme Costume
 Scariest Costume
 Funniest Costume
 Most Irish Costume
 Best Homemade Mask or Make Up
 Best Baby/Toddler/Child Costume
 Least Recognizable Person Under Costume

Please bring a dish to share; the refreshments are POTLUCK food & BYOB! And BRING FRIENDS — everyone is welcome, whether they are IAS members or not!

Mulled cider (w/ or w/o a shot of shot of apple brandy or cinnamon schnaps!) available for a donation! Kids Corner traditional Samhain/Halloween activities run by Lynette & Eadlyn Crouch! And make use of the “Spooky Selfies” photo area!

Also, start gathering any nice items you would like to contribute for the IAS SILENT AUCTION we will hold the night of the Costume Party. Our annual Silent Auction is to benefit the IAS Tom Porter Memorial Scholarship & our IAS programs. Please bring your checkbooks, credit cards, or cash and help us raise the funds by bidding on items that catch your eye! You never know – might be able to knock out some Christmas shopping at the Silent Auction!

I have been saving up some REALLY cool Celtic stuff for this auction, and I hope you have, too! I will load a Silent Auction bid form for this event in the files in the next day or two. Either download one for each item you are donating and fill it out in advance, or just bring the items and fill out one of the extra forms I will have there at the party! MANY THANKS, in advance, for all our generous auction item donors! ♥ .